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in the exclusive boudoir photo studio GODDESS & QUEEN in Leonberg! A light-flooded, comfortable daylight studio that can get so dark - flexibility and changeability were also at the top of the priority list.

A room that was built according to the motto "Here you are at a friend's house". I wanted to create a place that is cozy, where you feel comfortable and where I can be endlessly creative.

Hello & welcome


The different zones for different set-ups offer numerous creative possibilities. The movable partition and flexible furniture help to structure the room without losing the feeling of openness.


Your styling will take place right here in my studio, so you can take the whole day off from all your duties and enjoy your day and then plan a date for the evening when you're already so beautifully styled!


A studio with THE feel-good factor - just like in a friend's living room at home.


A studio on the third floor, not surrounded by any other buildings, offers a private atmosphere. This is a great prerequisite for creative and undisturbed work!

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