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What you need for your boudoir photo shoot / packing list

It might surprise you, but you can actually come to me completely discreetly, with one or two pieces of lingerie hidden in your handbag, and have a full-fledged photo shoot. Isn't that wonderful? Of course, that shouldn't stop you from coming to me with bags and suitcases full of outfits :-) We'll then choose the right outfits together.

I recommend a bodysuit and underwear set for your boudoir photo shoot, at least one of which should be black. I have a selection of lingerie and boudoir accessories in the studio that you can borrow, so we have plenty to try on. Your own underwear will always fit you best, though, because every body is different.

Here you can see some pieces from the client closet:

Body for a boudoir photo shoot
Packing list for a boudoir photo shoot

Lingerie set for a boudoir photo shoot


(what you can take with you, but definitely don't have to)

01. Bodysuits

02. Sexy negliges or kimonos

03. Various lingerie sets

04. High Heels

05. Oversized shirt

06. Hold-up stockings

07. Jewellery and accessories (necklaces, earrings, bracelets)

08. Possibly gloves or hats for additional style elements

09. Flower wreaths or flowers for romantic or playful shots

10. Eye masks or veils for a mysterious atmosphere

If you have any other ideas, you can let me know at any time.

Best regards, Lucie


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